I am passionate about curating deeply intentional, sacred spaces for you to be lovingly held and supported in your own journey! See what past clients are saying so you can feel into what's possible for yourself when you choose to work with me...
  • If I could get a sound bath from Iza everyday I would. I don’t think any sound bath experience will be the same after experiencing Iza’s magic.

    A true practitioner that carries the ancient wisdom in her bones and retains the purity of what sound healing should be. Allowing your energy and body to remember the frequencies that we actually carry.

    Iza isn’t just hitting bowls for fun. She’s channeling alchemy that is grounded in extensive knowledge of music. We feel alive after each session with Iza because she’s sharing the harmony of the divine.

    The way I feel after experiencing a sound bath with Iza is like having a teacher that lights a fire within you, and taps into a hunger you didn’t even know you had to understand this craft even more. Whether I become a sound bath practitioner after this (which I would only learn under Iza and her partner, Alex), or simply receive, Iza’s wizardry for sound has impacted me greatly. - Alexandra S.

  • I had the most incredible experience with Iza's sound bath. The journey began with calming breathwork, guiding me into a state of deep relaxation. Then, immersed in the soothing sounds, I embarked on an introspective journey through the timeline of my life.

    Starting from the present and traversing back to my childhood,
    I found myself reflecting on profound moments, especially those shared with my daughter. Through this introspection, I gained clarity on the patterns and struggles stemming from my past, and more importantly, how I am actively breaking free from them.

    The sound bath also shed light on my relationship with my wife, allowing me to appreciate and understand it on a deeper level. I am immensely grateful to Iza for facilitating this transformative experience, one that
    enabled me to confront and release the pain of my childhood trauma.

    While I had been on a journey of self-reflection prior to the sound bath, it was this immersive experience that
    truly helped me let go of the lingering burdens from my past. Iza's sound bath has been instrumental in my healing journey, and I cannot thank her enough for the profound impact it has had on my life. - Frank M.

  • Experiencing my first crystal sound bath and meditation with Iza was truly magical. From the moment I entered the space I felt a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me. Iza's warm, calm, and confident presence immediately put me at ease and as the session began, I was transported into a state of deep relaxation that I’ve never been able to experience so profoundly

    The sounds of the crystal bowls were beautifully harmonious, creating such a cohesive atmosphere. Each note was clearly played with intention, creating a song that brought me deeper into meditation, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the present moment.

    Iza's expertise and professionalism were evident in every aspect of the session. Her skillful use of the crystal bowls, combined with her intuitive guidance and calming presence, created an experience that was both transformative and rejuvenating. I ended the session feeling refreshed, renewed, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to experience such a wonderful healing practice.

    Thank you, Iza, for sharing your gifts with the world and for guiding me on this journey of true self-care and inner peace. I hope for many more sessions with you in the future! - Ashley D.

  • Iza is an immaculate space holder. She creates a calming, heart-opening space with her beautiful presence, guiding words, and instrumental gifts.

    Her aesthetic presentation is stunning. Her beautiful rug, the thoughtful arrangement of the beautiful crystal bowls, and her own colorful adornments are gorgeous.

    Iza’s guidance through meditative breath work before the sound bath prepares your nervous system to relax, open, and integrate the sound waves that take you on a mystical, psychedelic, peaceful journey into and through the cosmos and yourself.

    For me, the sound bath opened a portal to another dimension. I felt lighter and more attuned afterwards. Thank you for your gifts and for taking our group on such a beautiful, healing ride. You are magic, Iza! - Julie R.

  • I have been a part of a lot of sound bath experiences and this by far topped them all!

    The integration of other sounds and the way Iza put it all together just felt magical. Every bowl and every piece put me into a different place but it flowed so well that it felt like one long journey.

    Thank you so much for the experience! All future sound baths will be compared to this one for sure. - Shannon Z.

  • No joke, I’m already dreaming up another opportunity to collaborate with and hire Iza!!! The Sound Bath experience she blessed us with at the Self Sister Retreat in Las Vegas was beyond spectacular. She had us all blissed out!!!

    Every aspect of the experience was APPARENT in its thoughtful curation — from start to finish. As a facilitator, I appreciated the fact that she wanted to discuss energetics that’d be flowing and intention months before the actual retreat took place so she could artfully select the perfect choir of Sound Bowls for the experience. I especially loved the oracle deck she brought and let us draw from after!

    AND that we got to sit with and play the bowls ourSelves the next morning?!? BEYOND amazing! Every facet was incredible. Don’t walk — RUN to hire Iza for the next event you want your guests to experience sublime states of relaxation, rejuvenation, and blisssss!!!

    She is a master at her craft, her voice is dreamy, and… I’m so grateful she and the Bowls found each other again. It’s obvious this is not Iza’s first lifetime communing and musing with sound. - Britt L.

  • Attending Iza’s sound bath at the retreat was an experience beyond words. From the moment we sat down, I felt enveloped in a sense of serenity and tranquility.

    The gentle sound of the singing bowls washed over me, transporting me to a state of deep relaxation. Iza guided us through the session with such grace and mindfulness, allowing me to release tension and find inner peace

    Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated, as if I had just emerged from a blissful oasis. I highly recommend this transformative experience to anyone seeking to harmonize mind, body, and spirit! - Tracy S.

  • Iza's sound bath sessions at Vans HQ were truly transformative. Her peaceful and calming presence immediately set a soothing tone, which was especially welcoming for first-timers. Iza's expertise in guiding the practice, along with her inviting nature, made the experience accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

    The sound baths themselves were incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, leaving participants feeling refreshed and centered. Additionally, Iza's incorporation of oracle card pulls added a unique and insightful element to the sessions, deepening the overall experience.

    Iza's passion for her craft and her genuine care for each participant were evident throughout, making her a standout practitioner. We would love to welcome Iza back to Vans HQ for another round of her exceptional sound bath practices. - Jay B. (Vans)